Hand Craft™ Stainer Brushes

Designed for the professional who demands only the finest crafted tools, the Rubberset professional brush line features top quality filaments and bristles, wood handles and rust-resistant metal ferrules. More importantly, Rubberset professional brushes are extremely durable, allowing for extended use. When it comes to delivering a quality paint job, the applicator is just as important as the paint. This Hand Craft brush features soft, white China bristles, making it the perfect choice for applying stains and varnishes.

Paint Type

Preservative & Waterproofer, Stain


Block Brush


2 Piece Lacquered Wood, Screw in


Polyester Bristle Blend


Nickeled Steel

SKU Listing
Item Number size thickness length out case upc
991600400 #6 6″ 1-1/2″ 6 78435907317
991600600 #6 6″ 1-1/2″ 6 78435907324
Product #1
Item Number 991600400
size #6
thickness 6″
length out 1-1/2″
case 6
upc 78435907317
Product #2
Item Number 991600600
size #6
thickness 6″
length out 1-1/2″
case 6
upc 78435907324