Polyester/Nylon Blend
Brush 3 Pack

These quality constructed paint brushes are formulated with solid, level polyester and nylon filaments for use with all paints. With incredibly fine tips, Master brushes provide excellent control, accurate cut-in, and a smooth finish. Brush pack contains 1″ thin angle brush for fine detail, 1.5″ angle sash for trim and edging, and 2″ trim brush for windows, doors and molding.



Paint Type

All Paints


Thin Angle, Angle Sash & Trim


Sanded Wood Finish, Rattail, Long Sash & Beavertail


Solid Round Polyester Nylon


Stainless Steel

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Item Number size case upc
552569100 2″ Trim / 1-1/2″ Angle / 1″ Thin Angle 6 79819000754
Product #1
Item Number 552569100
size 2″ Trim / 1-1/2″ Angle / 1″ Thin Angle
case 6
upc 79819000754