Why Choose Bestt Liebco®

Why Choose Bestt Liebco®

Since 1926, professional painters have been turning to Bestt Liebco® for tools they can trust. Our quality applicators are competitively priced and deliver excellent performance to meet the needs of today’s painting contractor. For the 80-plus years we’ve been in business, professional painters have asked for our products by name, because their livelihoods depend on our reliability.



Founded as Lieberman Brush in Philadelphia, Liebco Brush quickly became a nationally recognized name in the painting trade as professional painters throughout the country sought out our brushes and spread the word. In 1969, Liebco acquired America’s first and finest roller company, Bestt Rollr® of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and became Bestt Liebco®, a full-line paint applicator company. Commitment to providing the finest quality products at competitive prices has proven to be our formula for success.

Sales Support & Customer Service

Our professional, well-trained, national sales force can assist you in growing your customer base and providing you with timely, accurate product information. As knowledgeable painting tool experts, they will also help your employees easily understand our product line, and provide them with the information and the expertise they need to sell better-grade applicators. We also provide superior customer service and technical support to professionals, consumers and retailers.